This ticker is mostly kept as a personal record of articles and news bites that caught my attention or stimulated new considerations. It somehow strikes a middle ground between my very infrequent blog articles and the fugitiveness of social media posts.

Feel free to comment in emails, and make sure to drop me a note if you see others running tickers like this. I enjoy having the chance to peek into the news bubbles of other people. ;-)


  • In Walking in my (Electron) shoes Gergely Nagy writes about having to deal with hate (!!) received from people for developing on Electron. Since I started moving Beast to Electron, I’ve also had several interesting discussions (but not hateful encounters) with people claiming that it must be slow or resource wasteful, both of which I couldn’t confirm in my experiments.




  • The new C++ module system is the one thing I’ve eagerly been looking forward to, similar to most developers with a nag for C++. It comes as a surprise how little attention is given to practical considerations in the recent developments around modules, as outlined by C++ Modules Might Be Dead-on-Arrival (HN).

  • The GUUG (German Unix User Group) started its calls for presentations and tutorials (deadline 15th Feb) for this years conference in Karlsruhe, 9.-12. April: GUUG FFP CFP (abbrv rlz!)


  • Apparently, a flatscreen TV icon is the US version of Vorsicht Glas: TV on Bike Box