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He loves working on, advocating for and actively supporting the Free Software and Open Source movements as well as open access community projects. Having studied computer science at the University of Hamburg, he has worked for Red Hat in the early years and later joined Imendio AB before starting his own software company Lanedo GmbH.

In more than two decades of Open Source and Free Software community involvement, Tim has authored many parts of the GTK+ toolkit, wrote the GObject system (an object oriented type system in C), wrote GERD (a user interface automation system), created BEAST (a music synthesis application), created Rapicorn (a user interface toolkit) and contributed large amounts of code to the GNOME, GIMP and ALSA projects. He has been working on MediaWiki, Drupal, WordPress and LibreOffice code, contributing extensions or improvements. Several conferences have invited him as a speaker, such as LinuxTag, various GUADECs, the DesktopSummit, the LAD conference, the OpenDocument-Congress, the Campus Party Europe or the Industrial and Corporate Security Forum 2017.

Tim has high interests for all advanced programming techniques, concurrent algorithms, IPC methods, audio synthesis, error and robustness analysis. He co-founded Lanedo GmbH with Martyn Russell in January 2009. The Free Software and open access philosophies had high influence into the company’s business values. At Lanedo Tim focused on providing businesses with professional Open Source support, software development on Open Source community projects, upstreaming of contributions into Open Source projects, as well as bug fixing, maintenance and community support of open projects, such as for instance the Linux migration in Munich.

Has has also been working as a consultant for over 20 years, preferably around Free Software, and successfully completed software projects for several customers. The projects were in the areas of the automotive industry, light-show programming, infotainment systems, around audio processing, image processing, video compression, live video UI overlays, embedded systems programming, cellular radio support, mobile UI development, plugin developments for various software projects and system performance optimizations. Feel free to drop him a note at his <janikconsulting> email address for consulting inquiries.

Tim Janik is in his forties, married, lives in Hamburg or Berlin and can often be found programming into sunrise. When not in front of the computer, Tim likes balancing his work live with playing Snooker and prefers to spend his holidays amongst palm trees at the beaches.

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Topics on this site are often focusing around technical matters or related stuff Tim is involved with. It won’t be interesting for everyone, but if you’ve found something that caught your attention, leave a comment or drop an email. It’ll be happily answered.



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