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Long time no see.

It’s been a while since the last Beast release, mainly because we have a lot of code migrations going on, some of which caused severe regressions. Here are the tarball and Debian package:


At this point, we hope the code is reasonably stabelized so we can produce a final 0.12.0. The beta.1 release is here for people to poke into an prove us wrong. So please give the tarball or pre-built Debian package a shot and file any regressions as a Beast Issue.

This release removes the Rapicorn dependency as well as the runtime dependency on CPython. To achieve that, a number of utilities from Rapicorn had to be integrated, which has made the code base a fair bit larger:

639 files changed, 75204 insertions(+), 44290 deletions(-)

Most notably, this is the first release that installs the new ebeast UI. Tracks, piano rolls and dB meters are already displayed, but not much beyond that as it’s still in pre-alpha stage. However it’s a good showcase for our future UI direction, you can start it and take a quick look with:

/opt/beast-0-12/bin/ebeast # replace '/opt' with your build prefix

Beast 0.12.0-beta.1
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