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About Testbit Tools

The 'Testbit Tools' package contains tools proven to be useful during the development of several Testbit and Lanedo projects. The tools are Free Software and can be redistributed under the GNU GPLv3+.

This release features the addition of, useful to aid in report and summary generation from your favorite bugzilla.

Downloading Testbit Tools

The Testbit Tools packages are available here: testbit-tools

The newest release is here: testbit-tools-11.09.0.tar.bz2

Changes in version 11.09.0

Added buglist, a script to list and download bugs from bug trackers.

Added buildfay, a script with various sub commands to aid release making.

Fixed version information for all tools.

Added support to the Xamarin Bug Tracker to


If you find this release useful, we highly appreciate your feature requests, bug reports, patches or review comments!

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