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Andreas Nilsson and I recently started the Manju project which aims at creating graphical widget toolkit themes from SVG files in a toolkit independent fashion.

It combines the idea of a pixmap theme engine, Jimmac’s "One Canvas Workflow", SVG markup features and Inkscape export functionality to fully automate the creation of a scalable and stretchable pixmap theme from an SVG source.

We’re currently working out the SVG theme file specification, the binary pixmap theme file format, as well as sample files and sample code to demonstrate toolkit side rendering.

Everybody is invited to participate and at this early stage feedback on every aspect is highly appreciated.

We’re particularly looking for people who like to review our specs, implement widgets or theme engines and who like to create alternate themes.

The project is hosted as a git repository:

And provides a communication forum and web presence:

Automated snapshots of our ongoing work are also provided:

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