I’ve put up a new release of the slightly renamed YummyYummySourceControl script here: yyhelp (0.5). The script still depends on cogito(7) for the implementation of yycommit, but other such dependencies have been removed at this point so it’ll eventually depend on Git(7) only. Following is a sum up of the changes between the last version and v0.5:

Overview of Changes in YummyYummySourceControl-0.5:

Here’s the synopsis of the new command set:

     yyadd          [FILES...] - add files to git repository
     yyblame        [FILES...] - annotate file source code
     yybranch    [-f] <branch> - add branch (forcable)
     yybranchdel [-f] <branch> - delete branch (forcable)
     yyChangeLog               - show git log in ChangeLog style
     yycommit       [FILES...] - commit current working tree
     yydiff         [FILES...] - show committable differences in
				 working tree
     yygc                      - repack and prune repository
     yyhelp                    - display yy* help information
     yyinfo                    - display repository information
     yylsbranches              - list branches
     yylstags                  - list tags
     yypull                    - pull upstream sources
     yypushpull                - push & pull upstream sources
     yyremove       [FILES...] - remove files from git repository
     yyreset                   - reset (revert to HEAD) all files in the tree
     yyrestore      [FILES...] - forcefully re-checkout specific files
     yystatus       [-t|-u|-c] - display working tree status
				 -t: trim unknown; -u: show unknown;
				 -c: trim and use commit message style
     yytag    <tag> [revision] - add tag
     yytagdel <tag>            - delete tag
     yyuncommit                - undo the last commit (must be unpushed)
     yyview                    - browse & navigate the history
     yywarp           <branch> - checkout new branch
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