Here is a new release of YummyYummySourceControl, a shallow porcelain script around common git(7) command variants: yyhelp (v0.8)

This version supports a new command to grep and match an extended regular expression on the full project history by invoking git-grep(1) on all existing commits, displaying matches by commit hash and file name. Also, a CVS/SVN/Cogito style version of yycommit has now been implemented on top of git-commit(1). So YummyYummySourceControl-0.8 finally gets rid of the last remaining cogito dependency, making it a free standing Git Porcelain Suite. ;-) Of course there have also been some other miscellaneous changes and docu updates.

Overview of Changes in YummyYummySourceControl-0.8:

I have been asked some of the purpose of YummyYummySourceControl, so i will extend a bit on that here:

And i love to have grep-able access to all the data involved in my day to day activities, yyHistoryGrep now gives me that for my project histories.

Given git’s speed, the possibility for light-weight local repositories, and using yyhelp’s ease, revision control has become so available for me, that i could very comfortably apply it to portions of my home directory and /etc/ on a remote server (e.g. i’ve created a ~/.git/ a couple months ago where i checked in a handful selected files like TODO, my blog diary, .emacs and a few other frequently changing TODO-style files and i’m happily committing to it multiple times a day).

I’m not claiming that yyhelp solves anyone else’s problems, but it certainly has helped my SCM usage a great deal, and for me serves as a key to make a frequently used subset of the git machinery accessible at very few finger tips.

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