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Gtk+ User Interface Builder

What is/was GUBI?
GUBI has been an approach on implementing a graphical user interface builder, based on the Gtk+ Toolkit. As of late August 1997, work has been abandoned for various personal and technical reasons. In January 1998, a new project GLE has been started, that imlements building facilities completely different from the ones used formerly by GUBI, at least from a technical viewpoint. The source code for GUBI is still available, though it relies on a very old version of the Gtk+ Toolkit, that's totaly been revised since. GUBI used to support little more than fourty widgets and already implemented simplistic means for signal handler connections. Here's an old screenshot of a "HELLO WORLD" example file (`hello_world.gbc') that hides and shows a widget by using standard gtk+ functions that are connected to the signals of the corresponding buttons, without the need of a single line of C source. [ hello_world.gbc screen shot ]

Where can I get GUBI?
If you are interested, the last releases a still kept online at:
[ GUBI Icon ] http://testbit.eu/~timj/historic

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