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Rapicorn is a GUI toolkit offering concise declarative UI design notation, separated from imperative programming logic. The source code is released as Free Software and the project welcomes everyone to contribute ideas, code or otherwise.

Latest News

Rapicorn 16.0.0 Release

Thursday 7th April 2016

A new major release is out. This version contains major improvements of the IDL compiler, and has lots of bug fixes and improved compiler support.

The dependencies got updated, in particular the librsvg code was removed from Rapicorn so the library now needs to be preinstalled (see README). Here are all the details: 16.0.0 Release Announcement.

Tarball: rapicorn-16.0.0.tar.xz
SHA224: f4aef18fd7d4894ab0802b5f316c113f8f7ee74d6d3e85955a288d13

Rapicorn 15.09.0 Release

Wednesday 16th September 2015

Amongst loads of fixes and Aida IDL improvements, Rapicorn most notably now has a theming infrastructure, a number of new widgets and a new command line tool rapidres(1) to integrate resource files into executables.

Dependencies are also updated (see README). See here for the full release announcement.

Tarball: rapicorn-15.09.0.tar.bz2
SHA224: 89d95bf74d66731615f05e493e6d3a216a017a78fcdbf32a6c53f0c2

Rapicorn 14.10.0 Release

Thursday 09 October 2014

As usual, much sweat and tears went into this release. The code base is now licensed under the MPLv2, a number of new features got integrated and a vast number of bugs were fixed. Dependencies are updated (see README) and a new test build setup helped to find and fix portability issues.

Tarball: rapicorn-14.10.0.tar.bz2
SHA224: a686d0caba1af9346f3c0dd13504e826e9e1ce581cba6dcee5417c0b

Announcement: ANN: Rapicorn 14.10.0 - Declarative GUI toolkit using SVG for C++ & Python

Rapicorn Roadmap

Saturday 20 September 2014

Today the Roadmap went live. It gives a brief overview of the development steps accomplished so far, indicates what's missing for a production ready toolkit and lists the main work areas that currently locate Rapicorn in the Prototype Phase. The roadmap is intentionally held brief, but the task list next to helps to fill in the details.

Website Restructuring

Friday 19 September 2014

Lots of work went into creating a new navigation structure for the Rapicorn website and rearranging the contents. Anticipating the upcoming release, the content pages have been brought up to date and synchronized with the Rapicorn Manual contents. Together with the ongoing reorganization of the manual, visitors hopefully find the overall appearance more streamlined and easier to navigate. Feedback about the improvements is welcome in our forum.

Rapicorn 13.07.0 released!

Sunday 06 July 2013

Lots of cleanups, safety and portability improvements went into this release. If you run into any problems, please report issues in the Rapicorn Forum or Rapicorn Issue Tracker.

The NEWS file lists all changes in detail, happy hacking and enjoy the code!

Tarball: rapicorn-13.07.0.tar.bz2

Rapicorn 13.03.0 released!

Sunday 24 March 2013

This release has seen a vast amount of fixes and feature additions. If you run into any problems, please report issues in the Rapicorn Forum.

The code base has been ported to C++11, lots of speed and memory issues have been improved and Python has gained first class AIDA (IDL) support.

The NEWS file lists all changes in detail, happy hacking and enjoy the code!

Tarball: rapicorn-13.03.0.tar.bz2

Web migration and Rapicorn 12.08.0 released!

Wednesday 08 August 2012

The Rapicorn web site is currently transitioned to MediaWiki, so please bear with us for the missing bit and feel free to help with the wiki or report issues in the new forum.

Much time has passed since the last release, and lots of things changed in the code base. The items are too long to list here but amongst many other big changes, the release process has been streamlined, so future releases can be accomplished with much less effort and occour more frequently.

The NEWS file lists all changes in detail, happy hacking and enjoy the code!

Tarball: rapicorn-12.08.0.tar.bz2

Rapicorn Reference Documentation available

Saturday 07 Mai 2011

Reference documentation generated from the Rapicorn source code is now available. Here're the links to various sections:

Documentation Namespaces Files

Rapicorn 10.08.0 available for download!

Friday 20 August 2010

This release contains a multitude of new features like Python bindings, an automated test suite, myriads of bug fixes and small improvements.

Tarball: rapicorn-10.08.0.tar.bz2

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