Rapicorn About


Rapicorn is a Free Software library written in C++ providing a widget toolkit for the creation of graphical user interfaces (GUI).

Using Rapicorn, the user interface (UI) is designed in a declarative markup language and is connected to the programming logic using data bindings and commands. New UI elements are easily defined with human readable concise XML syntax in a very modular fashion to allow maximum reuse.

The user interface logic and rendering are carried out in dedicated background tasks which simplifies the application logic and keeps the UI responsive during high load scenarios. Widget styles can be constructed from SVG elements or 9-patch images in the UI markup.

Currently, not all essential features are fully implemented. At the moment, Rapicorn is in the "prototype" phase, refer to the roadmap for details.

Languages & Platforms

For projects that don't prefer C++, Rapicorn can also be used via our Python bindings. The public API of Rapicorn is defined in IDL files from which language bindings for C++ and Python are auto-generated. Bindings to other languages are planned and contributions in this area are very welcome. Rapicorn is primarily developed on Unix/Linux, supporting 64-bit and 32-bit platforms. Contributions to support other platforms are also very welcome.


The Rapicorn source code is made available under the terms of the MPLv2, the Mozilla Public License version 2.0. Contributions are welcome from everyone and are protected by this Copyleft license without the need for copyright assignments.

In short, this allows everyone to make use of the source code free of charge, use it in commercial and proprietary projects, share it, modify it and redistribute changed versions. Resubmission of improvements to the upstream project are appreciated.

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