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Beast is being translated into various different languages. Individual translations can be updated on Transifex:

Development Documentation

Beast is using Git as version control system. The log of the most recent changes in the repository is available for the master branch. Source code documentation for Beast and Bse can be found at this site:
Files Classes Index

With release 0.4.1, Bse added support for the extension language Guile and can since be scripted in Scheme, using the Bse API. The layers below BSE currently consist of GLib, GObject, Birnet and SFI. These provide basic funcitonality around IDL files, threads, notes, parameters (properties), records, sequences, time stamps and generic values.

Further development resources:

Web Site Development

The Beast website is hosted as a Wiki system, so content improvements and participation are open to everyone. Here're the links to various validator results:

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