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Ways to contact the BEAST developers and how to reach the user base.

Mailing List

A mailing list for discussing usage and development of BEAST is available at the Gnome Mail Server and throgh GMANE:

All old mailing list discussions can be browsed in the BEAST mailing list archive:

Questions regarding the website are also handled on this list.

Bug Reports

Existing bug reports for BEAST can be browsed in the "beast" product in Gnome Bugzilla:

New bugs can be entered in the bug report form of the "beast" product:


Translations updates and new translations for Beast can be submitted here:


There's a #beast channel on the GimpNet IRC Network (Server: irc.gimp.org, Port: 6666), used to discuss BEAST/BSE development issues and user questions. The core developers usually hang out there, though they may be idle for some hours a day.

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