May 212006

The LAC 2006 Proceedings are now online: LAC 2006 Proceedings as PDF
I especially want to recommend the Realtime Audio vs. Linux 2.6 paper by Lee Revell to everyone who has an interest in low latency audio processing on Linux. At the conference, Lee gave an excellent presentation on the topic and the recent work that went on in the 2.6 series of the Linux kernels. He also presents curiosities like why benchmark optimized video card drivers may get into the way of realtime audio processing.
Amongst other things at the Linux Audio Conference i recently blogged about, i also found the presentation on Ontological Processing of Sound Resources particularly interesting. With the growth of audio material collections, searches confined to the natural hierarchy enforced by file systems become increasingly ineffective. An alternative browsing approach can be based on tagging of audio material (the paper examines this in the context of instrument types), automatic deduction of tags and inference mechanisms on these tags. This is suitable to support user queries that contain music/instrument characteristics rather than arbitrary names.

In other news, Stefan Westerfeld summed up our recent development activities in the BEAST News, which may be suitable to sustain everyone eagerly awaiting the upcoming 0.7.0 release 😉

Apr 302006

The 4th International Linux Audio Conference is quite fun, we got many interesting comments on our Beast Demo (here’s also a Beast Paper from the 2005 proceedings). One of the most requested feature seems to be Jack support for Beast. To quote Stefan on the conference: “Some talks were really cool, for example the Reverb stuff Fons Adriaensen is working on.” And he’s quite right: Fons wants to build up a free database of impulse responses of halls and rooms the community has access to, so reverb applications can offer a list of interesting room characteristics to choose from, and he’s providing free software and giving workshops to enable people to do those measurements.