Rapicorn - Experimental UI Toolkit  16.0.0

Rapicorn is a Free Software toolkit for declarative UI design.

It provides controls, layouts, resources, data bindings, declarative markup and a multithreaded IPC layer. Contributions are welcome from everyone and are protected by its simple Copyleft license without the need for copyright assignments, see Contributing to Rapicorn. Users can create complex reusable components and arrange UI elements in a handful of XML lines. Data bindings to user defined model objects are automatically setup with simple attribute specifications. Rapicorn is implemented in C++11, but it's API is defined in an IDL to support API uses from arbitrary languages. Among other things Rapicorn has:

  • Controls such as Button, List, TextEditor;
  • Layouts such as Table, HBox, VBox, Window;
  • Language bindings to use the Rapicorn API from C++ and Python;
  • Thread separation of application and UI logic, so layouting and rendering is done in the background.

Links and Resources

Manual Pages

  • rapidrun.1
    Utility to run and test Rapicorn dialogs
  • rapidres.1
    Rapicorn source code generator for resource files