Rapicorn - Experimental UI Toolkit  16.0.0
clientinsert.hh File Reference
#include <ui/pixmap.hh>

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void resize (uint w, uint h)
 Reset width and height and resize pixel sequence.
uint32_trow (uint y)
 Access row as endian dependant ARGB integers.
int width () const
 Width of the Pixbuf.
int height () const
 Height of the Pixbuf.
class_scope int length (_length)
ApplicationHandle init_test_app (const String &application_name, int *argcp, char **argv, const StringVector &args=StringVector())


includes __pad0__
IGNORE __pad1__
IGNORE uint h
class_scope __pad2__
class_scope int _length
class_scope __pad3__
class_scope const ClnT_UpdateSpan & rs
class_scope const ClnT_UpdateSpan const ClnT_UpdateSpan & cs
IGNORE __pad4__
global_scope __pad5__
global_scope intargcp
global_scope int char ** argv
global_scope int char const StringVector & args