BEAST/BSE - Better Audio System and Sound Engine  0.8.0
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GxkRadgetType Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

GParamSpec *(* find_prop )(GTypeClass *klass, const gchar *construct_param_name)
GxkRadget *(* create )(GType type, const gchar *name, guint n_construct_params, GParameter *construct_params, GxkRadgetData *gdgdata)
void(* set_prop )(GxkRadget *radget, const gchar *prop_name, const GValue *value)
gboolean(* adopt )(GxkRadget *radget, GxkRadget *parent, GxkRadgetData *gdgdata)
GParamSpec *(* find_pack )(GxkRadget *radget, const gchar *pack_name)
void(* set_pack )(GxkRadget *radget, const gchar *pack_name, const GValue *value)

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