BEAST/BSE - Better Audio System and Sound Engine  0.8.0
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Sfi Namespace Reference

The Sfi namespace contains utilities for synthesis. More...


class  String
struct  GNewable
class  RecordHandle
class  Sequence
class  FBlock
class  BBlock
class  Rec
class  ObjectHandle
struct  Init


typedef SfiBool Bool
typedef SfiInt Int
typedef SfiNum Num
typedef SfiReal Real


enum  InitializationType { INIT_NULL, INIT_EMPTY, INIT_DEFAULT }


template<typename SeqType >
SeqType cxx_value_get_boxed_sequence (const GValue *value)
template<typename SeqType >
void cxx_value_set_boxed_sequence (GValue *value, const SeqType &self)
template<typename Type >
void cxx_boxed_to_rec (const GValue *src_value, GValue *dest_value)
template<typename Type >
void cxx_boxed_from_rec (const GValue *src_value, GValue *dest_value)
template<typename SeqType >
void cxx_boxed_to_seq (const GValue *src_value, GValue *dest_value)
template<typename SeqType >
void cxx_boxed_from_seq (const GValue *src_value, GValue *dest_value)
template<typename Type >
RecordHandle< Type > cxx_value_get_rec (const GValue *value)
template<typename Type >
void cxx_value_set_rec (GValue *value, const RecordHandle< Type > &self)
template<typename SeqType >
SeqType cxx_value_get_seq (const GValue *value)
template<typename SeqType >
void cxx_value_set_seq (GValue *value, const SeqType &self)

Detailed Description

The Sfi namespace contains utilities for synthesis.

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