BEAST/BSE - Better Audio System and Sound Engine  0.8.0
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Bse::Song Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

Bus create_bus ()
Part create_part ()
Track create_track ()
Bus ensure_master_bus ()
void ensure_track_links ()
Track find_any_track_for_part (Part part)
Track find_track_for_part (Part part)
Bus get_master_bus ()
SongTiming get_timing (Int tick)
void remove_bus (Bus bus)
void remove_part (Part part)
void remove_track (Track track)
void synthesize_note (Track track, Int duration, Int note, Int fine_tune, Real velocity)
signal pointer_changed (Int a)

Public Attributes

property MusicalTuningType musical_tuning = ("Musical Tuning", "The tuning system which specifies the tones or pitches to be used. Due to the psychoacoustic properties of tones, various pitch combinations can sound "natural" or "pleasing" when used in combination, the musical tuning system defines the number and spacing of frequency values applied.", ":flagstodo")
property Int tpqn = ("Ticks", "Number of ticks per quarter note", 384, 384, 384, 0, ":flagstodo")
property Int numerator = ("Numerator", "Measure numerator", 4, 1, 256, 1, ":flagstodo")
property Int denominator = ("Denominator", "Measure denominator, must be a power of 2", 4, 1, 256, 0, ":flagstodo")
property Real bpm = ("Beats per minute", "", ":flagstodo")
property CSynth pnet = ("Postprocessor", "Synthesis network to be used as postprocessor", ":flagstodo")
property Bool auto_activate = ("auto-activate", "", TRUE, ":flagstodo")
property Bool loop_enabled = ("loop-enabled", "", FALSE, ":flagstodo")
property Int loop_left = ("loop-left", "", -1, -1, SFI_MAXINT, 384, ":flagstodo")
property Int loop_right = ("loop-right", "", -1, -1, SFI_MAXINT, 384, ":flagstodo")
property Int tick_pointer = ("tick-pointer", "", -1, -1, SFI_MAXINT, 384, ":flagstodo")

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