BEAST/BSE - Better Audio System and Sound Engine  0.8.0
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Bse::Project Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

ErrorType import_midi_file (String file_name)
ErrorType restore_from_file (String file_name)
ErrorType store_bse (Super super, String file_name, Bool self_contained)
ErrorType activate ()
void auto_deactivate (Int msec_delay)
Bool can_play ()
void change_name (String name)
void clean_dirty ()
void clear_undo ()
CSynth create_csynth (String name)
MidiSynth create_midi_synth (String name)
Song create_song (String name)
void deactivate ()
Item find_item (String uname_path)
DataPocket get_data_pocket (String name)
MidiNotifier get_midi_notifier ()
ProjectState get_state ()
ItemSeq get_supers ()
WaveRepo get_wave_repo ()
void inject_midi_control (Int midi_channel, Int midi_control, Real control_value)
Bool is_active ()
Bool is_dirty ()
Bool is_playing ()
StringSeq list_uname_paths (String item_type)
ItemSeq match_items_by_uname (String item_type, String uname)
ErrorType play ()
void redo ()
Int redo_depth ()
void remove_snet (SNet snet)
void start_playback ()
void stop ()
void stop_playback ()
void undo ()
Int undo_depth ()
signal state_changed (ProjectState a)

Public Attributes

property Bool dirty = ("dirty", "Whether project needs saving", FALSE, ":flagstodo")

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