BEAST/BSE - Better Audio System and Sound Engine  0.8.0
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Bse::Janitor Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

String get_action (Int nth_action)
String get_action_blurb (Int nth_action)
String get_action_name (Int nth_action)
String get_proc_name ()
String get_script_name ()
void kill ()
Int n_actions ()
void trigger_action (String action)
signal action (String a, Int b)
signal progress (Real a)
signal action_changed (String a, Int b)
signal shutdown ()

Public Attributes

property String ident = ("Script Identifier", "", ":flagstodo")
property Bool connected = ("Connected", "", FALSE, ":flagstodo")
property String status_message = ("Status Message", "", ":flagstodo")
property Int exit_code = ("Exit Code", "", 0, -256, 256, 0, ":flagstodo")
property String exit_reason = ("Exit Reason", "", ":flagstodo")

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