BEAST/BSE - Better Audio System and Sound Engine  0.8.0
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Bse::Item Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

void add_parasite (String path, Rec parasite)
Bool check_is_a (String type_name)
void clear_undo ()
Item common_ancestor (Item item2)
Bool editable_property (String property_name)
Icon get_icon ()
String get_name ()
String get_name_or_type ()
Rec get_parasite (String path)
Item get_parent ()
Item get_project ()
PropertyCandidates get_property_candidates (String property_name)
Int get_seqid ()
String get_type ()
String get_type_authors ()
String get_type_blurb ()
String get_type_license ()
String get_type_name ()
String get_uname_path ()
void group_undo (String name)
Bool internal ()
StringSeq list_parasites (String path)
void redo ()
Int redo_depth ()
void set_name (String name)
void set_parasite (String path, Rec parasite)
void undo ()
Int undo_depth ()
void ungroup_undo ()
void unuse ()
Item use ()
signal parasites_added (String a)
signal parasite_changed (String a)

Public Attributes

property Int seqid = ("Sequential ID", "", 0, 0, SFI_MAXINT, 1, ":flagstodo")

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