BEAST/BSE - Better Audio System and Sound Engine  0.8.0
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Bse::Bus Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

ErrorType connect_bus (Bus bus)
ErrorType connect_track (Track track)
ErrorType disconnect_bus (Bus bus)
ErrorType disconnect_track (Track track)
ErrorType ensure_output ()

Public Attributes

property ItemSeq inputs = ("Input Signals", "Synthesis signals (from tracks and busses) used as bus input", ":flagstodo")
property ItemSeq outputs = ("Output Signals", "Mixer busses used as output for synthesis signals", ":flagstodo")
property CSynth snet = ("snet", "", ":flagstodo")
property Bool mute = ("Mute", "Mute: turn off the bus volume", FALSE, ":flagstodo")
property Bool solo = ("Solo", "Solo: mute all other busses", FALSE, ":flagstodo")
property Bool sync = ("Sync", "Syncronize left and right volume", TRUE, ":flagstodo")
property Real left_volume = ("Left Volume", "Volume adjustment in decibel of left bus channel", ":flagstodo")
property Real right_volume = ("Right Volume", "Volume adjustment in decibel of right bus channel", ":flagstodo")
property Bool master_output = ("Master Output", "", FALSE, ":flagstodo")

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