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Sfidl::Parser Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

bool parse (const String &fileName)
String fileName () const
const std::vector< String > & getIncludes () const
const std::vector< Constant > & getConstants () const
const std::vector< Choice > & getChoices () const
const std::vector< Sequence > & getSequences () const
const std::vector< Record > & getRecords () const
const std::vector< Class > & getClasses () const
const std::vector< Method > & getProcedures () const
const std::vector< String > & getTypes () const
std::vector< PragmagetPragmas (const String &binding) const
Sequence findSequence (const String &name) const
Record findRecord (const String &name) const
const ClassfindClass (const String &name) const
bool isChoice (const String &type) const
bool isSequence (const String &type) const
bool isRecord (const String &type) const
bool isClass (const String &type) const
Type typeOf (const String &type) const
bool fromInclude (const String &type) const

Protected Member Functions

String defineSymbol (const String &name)
SymbolqualifyHelper (const String &name)
String qualifySymbol (const String &name)
bool enterNamespace (const String &name)
void leaveNamespace ()
bool usingNamespace (const String &name)
void printError (const gchar *format,...) G_GNUC_PRINTF(2
void void printWarning (const gchar *format,...) G_GNUC_PRINTF(2
void void void preprocess (const String &filename, bool includeImpl=false)
void preprocessContents (const String &filename)
bool haveIncluded (const String &filename) const
bool insideInclude () const
void addConstantTodo (const Constant &cdef)
void addChoiceTodo (const Choice &cdef)
void addRecordTodo (const Record &rdef)
void addSequenceTodo (const Sequence &sdef)
void addClassTodo (const Class &cdef)
void addProcedureTodo (const Method &pdef)
void addPrototype (const String &type, TypeDeclaration typeDecl)
void addType (const String &type, TypeDeclaration typeDecl)
GTokenType parseTypeName (String &s)
GTokenType parseStringOrConst (String &s)
GTokenType parseConstant (bool isident=false)
GTokenType parseNamespace ()
GTokenType parseChoice ()
GTokenType parseChoiceValue (ChoiceValue &comp, int &value, int &sequentialValue)
GTokenType parseRecord ()
GTokenType parseRecordField (Param &comp, const IString &group)
GTokenType parseStream (Stream &stream, Stream::Type)
GTokenType parseSequence ()
GTokenType parseParamHints (Param &def)
GTokenType parseClass ()
GTokenType parseMethod (Method &def)
GTokenType parseInfoOptional (Map< String, IString > &infos)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void scannerMsgHandler (GScanner *scanner, gchar *message, gboolean is_error)

Protected Attributes

class Optionsoptions
GScanner * scanner
std::vector< char > scannerInputData
std::vector< LineInfoscannerLineInfo
Namespace rootNamespace
std::vector< String > includedNames
std::vector< String > types
std::map< String, int > typeMap
std::vector< String > includes
std::vector< Pragmapragmas
std::vector< Constantconstants
std::vector< Choicechoices
std::vector< Sequencesequences
std::vector< Recordrecords
std::vector< Classclasses
std::vector< Methodprocedures

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