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Sfidl::CodeGeneratorClientCxx Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CodeGeneratorClientCxx (const Parser &parser)
void help ()
bool run ()
OptionVector getOptions ()
void setOption (const String &option, const String &value)

Protected Types


Protected Member Functions

String createTypeCode (const String &type, const String &name, TypeCodeModel model)
String typeArg (const String &type)
String typeField (const String &type)
String typeRet (const String &type)
String funcNew (const String &type)
String funcCopy (const String &type)
String funcFree (const String &type)
void printChoicePrototype (NamespaceHelper &nspace)
void printChoiceImpl (NamespaceHelper &nspace)
void printRecSeqForwardDecl (NamespaceHelper &nspace)
void printRecSeqDefinition (NamespaceHelper &nspace)
void printRecSeqImpl (NamespaceHelper &nspace)
String makeStyleName (const String &name)
String makeProcName (const String &className, const String &procName)
void printMethods (const Class &cdef)
void printProperties (const Class &cdef)

Protected Attributes

NamespaceHelper nspace
Style style

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