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Sfidl::CodeGeneratorCBase Class Reference
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Protected Types

enum  TypeCodeModel {
enum  PrefixSymbolMode { generateOutput, generatePrefixSymbols }

Protected Member Functions

const gchar * makeCStr (const String &str)
String scatId (SfiSCategory c)
void printClientRecordPrototypes ()
void printClientSequencePrototypes ()
void printClientRecordDefinitions ()
void printClientSequenceDefinitions ()
void printClientRecordMethodPrototypes (PrefixSymbolMode mode)
void printClientSequenceMethodPrototypes (PrefixSymbolMode mode)
void printClientRecordMethodImpl ()
void printClientSequenceMethodImpl ()
void printClientChoiceDefinitions ()
void printClientChoiceConverterPrototypes (PrefixSymbolMode mode)
void printProcedure (const Method &mdef, bool proto=false, const String &className="")
void printChoiceConverters ()
virtual String makeProcName (const String &className, const String &procName)
String makeGTypeName (const String &name)
String makeParamSpec (const Param &pdef)
String createTypeCode (const String &type, TypeCodeModel model)
virtual String typeArg (const String &type)
const gchar * cTypeArg (const String &type)
virtual String typeField (const String &type)
const gchar * cTypeField (const String &type)
virtual String typeRet (const String &type)
const gchar * cTypeRet (const String &type)
virtual String typeArray (const String &type)
const gchar * cTypeArray (const String &type)
virtual String funcNew (const String &type)
const gchar * cFuncNew (const String &type)
virtual String funcCopy (const String &type)
const gchar * cFuncCopy (const String &type)
virtual String funcFree (const String &type)
const gchar * cFuncFree (const String &type)
virtual String createTypeCode (const String &type, const String &name, TypeCodeModel model)
 CodeGeneratorCBase (const Parser &parser)

Protected Attributes

bool generateBoxedTypes
std::vector< String > prefix_symbols

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