BEAST/BSE - Better Audio System and Sound Engine  0.8.0
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Bse::TickStamp Class Reference

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struct  Update
class  Wakeup

Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr< WakeupWakeupP

Static Public Member Functions

static Update get_last ()
static WakeupP create_wakeup (const std::function< void()> &wakeup)
static uint64 current ()
static uint64 max_stamp ()
 Maximum stamp value, 2^64-1.
static void _increment ()
static void _set_leap (uint64 ticks)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void _init_forgsl ()

Member Function Documentation

Current tick stamp and system time in micro seconds

Get the system time of the last GSL global tick stamp update. This function is MT-safe and may be called from any thread.

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