BEAST/BSE - Better Audio System and Sound Engine  0.8.0
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Bse::SynthesisModule Class Reference
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struct  AutoUpdateData
struct  Closure
class  ClosureP1
struct  NeedAutoUpdateTag
struct  Trampoline
struct  Trampoline< M, P, NeedAutoUpdateTag >
struct  Trampoline< M, P, void >

Public Types

typedef void(* AutoUpdate )(BseModule *, gpointer)

Public Member Functions

virtual void reset ()=0
virtual void process (uint n_values)=0
virtual const ProcessCost cost ()
const IStreamistream (uint istream_index) const
const JStreamjstream (uint jstream_index) const
const OStreamostream (uint ostream_index) const
void ostream_set (uint ostream_index, const float *values)
const float * const_values (float value)
const uint mix_freq () const
const uint block_size () const
guint64 tick_stamp ()
BseModule * engine_module ()
void set_module (BseModule *module)

Static Public Member Functions

static int dtoi (double d)
static int ftoi (float f)
template<class D , class C >
static Closuremake_closure (void(C::*method)(D *), const D &data)

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