Jul 252013
Tor exit node for less than a week

During a conference some while ago, Jacob Appelbaum gave a talk on the usefulness of the Tor project, allowing you to browse anonymously, liberating speech online, enabling web access in censored countries, etc. Jacob described how the anonymizing Tor network consists of many machines world wide that use encryption and run the Tor software, which are […]

Feb 082013
Sayepurge.sh - determine deletion of aging backups

About Determine candidates and delete from a set of directories containing aging backups. As a follow up to the release of sayebackup.sh last December, here’s a complimentary tool we’re using at Lanedo. Suppose a number of backup directories have piled up after a while, using sayebackup.sh or any other tool that creates time stamped file […]

Jan 252013
Performance of a C++11 Signal System

Performance of a C++11 Signal System First, a quick intro for for the uninitiated, signals in this context are structures that maintain a lists of callback functions with arbitrary arguments and assorted reentrant machinery to modify the callback lists and calling the callbacks. These allow customization of object behavior in response to signal emissions by […]

Dec 012012
Sayebackup.sh - deduplicating backups with rsync

About Due to popular request, I’m putting up a polished version of the backup script that we’ve been using over the years at Lanedo to backup our systems remotely. This script uses a special feature of rsync(1) v2.6.4 for the creation of backups which share storage space with previous backups by hard-linking files.The various options […]

May 152012
Meeting up at LinuxTag 2012

  Like every year, I am driving to Berlin this week to attend LinuxTag 2012 to attend the excellent program. If you want to meet up and chat about projects, technologies, Free Software or other things, send me an email or leave a comment with this post and we will arrange for it.   Like […]