Oct 302007

A couple people have reported minor and major bugs in the last yyhelp version, particularly after yycommit got reimplemented to operate on top of git-commit(1) instead of cg-commit(1). Besides some others, this new release fixes all known yycommit issues and also (re-)introduces some new features: yyhelp (v0.9)

	Overview of Changes in YummyYummySourceControl-0.9:

	* use plain "git-commit" with temporary index file to stage
	  commit files, this works around git-commit- not
          handling deleted files as command line args correctly.
	* also list remote branches for yylsbranches.
	* fix leading dot getting stripped from modified files if $gitprefix=.
	* require and use gawk for time formatting, which mawk doesn't support.
	* properly honor the [FILES...] arguments to yycommit.
	* terminate sed command blocks with semicolon (needed on BSD).
	* resurrected yyhelp.auto-push-commits functionality of yycommit.

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