Nov 282006

So Herzi pressed me to make another Rapicorn snapshot available. The result of which is now up here: rapicorn-0.1.2-snapshot.tar.gz
It’s still very much a technology preview, but shaping well in various aspects. Here’s the release NEWS:

Rapicorn 0.1.2:
* added Image support for PNG images.
* added HSlider, VSlider, Arrow, dot-grid.
* added ScrollArea.
* added Adjustments.
* added command system allowing on-click properties.
* added reset logic to recover from stale event situations.
* added requisition tuning to allow iterative size allocations.
* added event grabbing.
* added MainLoop.
* added Thread-per-Window paradigm.
* added Viewport abstraction of drawing backends.
* added color schemes.
* added simple function Evaluator for XML properties.
* added Markup to labels.
* added focus handling for Items.
* added TextEditor prototype.
* added Region to handle rectangle arrays.
* added partial screen updates.
* removed libcairo/libpixman dependency.
* overhauled Table shrinking logic.
* upgraded Birnet library.

Known Issues:
+ instabilities upon main loop exit.
+ possible build issues with g++ versions other than 3.4.

  3 Responses to “29.11.2006 Rapicorn snapshot”

  1. Hi,

    I run ./configure, then make and I get this error:

    make: *** No rule to make target `acbirnet.m4′, needed by `configure’. Stop.

  2. A short line on the topic of “what the heck is Rapicorn” would not have been amiss.

    The front page of the website doesn’t answer that question either.

    Moving along,

  3. Sorry for not having an official website with about page for Rapicorn yet. I have however bloged about it and described it earlier:

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