Sep 212007

We’ve been fairly busy recently with resolving the milestone bugs of the next Beast release. The good news is that pretty much all of the hard issues are sorted out by now, the bad news is that according to the release plan some essential release features are still missing 😉

It’s the large recent work that Stefan Westerfeld (who btw finally decided to start his own blog) has put into shaping up the remaining bits of bsewavetool (man page draft).
This is a very handy tool, that’ll finally be installed for public consumption in the upcoming release (it has been developed in SVN since 2004!). It can clip/normalize/ogg-encode/highpass/lowpass/upsample/downsample/etc chunks from the BSE multi sample files, and is normally used for shell-scripting the construction of sample kits from an unsorted pile of raw unprocessed sample data (note to self: blog some example use cases after the release).

Another addition are interesting new instruments by Krzysztof Foltman.

Oh – and before i forget, the synthesis link section on the website got some new updates as well: Beast Synthesis Links,

Also, Stefan pointed me at a YouTube video of Beast the other day:

The video is very nicely done, but it has the usual YouTubeish low quality artefacts.

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  1. Awesome!

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