WIKIHTML2MAN(1) - Wiki HTML to Manual Page Converter

Manual: Testbit Wiki Pages
Resource: (r1125)
Updated: 2014-10-28


wikihtml2man - Wiki HTML to Manual Page Converter.


wikihtml2man [OPTIONS] [HTML-INPUT]


Wikihtml2man is a converter that parses HTML files, normally originating from a MediaWiki page, and generates Unix Manual Page sources based on it (often called html2man converter). The wikihtml2man converter is released as free software under the GNU GPLv3. The HTML-INPUT argument needs to be either a local file, or a downloadable URL, such as: The resulting manual page source is produced on stdout int UTF-8 encoding.


Wikihtml2man follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes ('-').

-h, --help
Shows a brief help message.
Provide brief version information.
-g, --debug
Prints out additional debugging information during execution.
-t PageTitle
Specify the title of the manual page, written in all caps.
-s ManualSection
Specify the section in which the manual page should be placed, see man-pages(7) on this.
-u ManualUpdated
Specify the date for when the Manual Page was last updated, dates should be written as YYYY-MM-DD.
-r ResourceOrigin
Specify the origin for this Manual Page.
-m ManualPackage
Specify the title of the manual package that this manual page belongs to.


man(7), man-pages(7)