Oct 202008

Managing bug lists has become an ubiquitous task when dealing with the GNOME or Nokia bugzillas. At some point I became fed up with the involved cut and pasting, searching and sorting, so I cooked up a small command line utility to construct bug list URLs and format bug list summaries in text form. Here’s it in action:

    echo "junktext 556578 moretext 516885 " | buglist.py gnome
     516885 - Add RGBA support
     556578 - GIMP windows stay on top of other windows

It knows a good number of bugzillas, such as the ones from Gnome, FreeDesktop, Maemo, Nokia, OpenedHand, GCC, LibC and Mozilla. More bugzilla URLs can easily be added, and it handles HTTPS authentication that some of the corporate bugzilla installations require.

The script is available here: buglist.py (v0.4)

Have fun and send in patches. 😉

  3 Responses to “20.10.2008 Bugzilla Utility buglist.py”

  1. Did you know about pybugz (http://pybugz.googlecode.com) which seems a very closely related tool?

  2. Don’t forget to post about this on https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:Addons

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